We are one of the few companies on the island of Ireland using a calibrated Pendulum skid tester the only instrument recognised in case law. Unlike other instruments the pendulum reproduces the same hydrodynamic uplift characteristics that occur when a person slips in liquid contaminated conditions.

We can provide expert analysis on floor safety at design and specification stages by testing the suitability of proposed tiles before they are installed thus allowing for any discrepancies to be rectified early on avoiding legal issues and remedial costs. We can also advise on relevant acts eg Disability Discrimination Act.

We can provide independent floor risk assessments by competent NEBOSH certified personnel highlighting areas of concern and solutions to rectify any problems. We look at the potential for slips and analyse the floor material, the environment it's in, how it's cleaned, what contamination is on it and how staff use it.

We can provide CPD seminars to health and safety committees within an organisation providing invaluable advice on floor safety and regulations.

We can provide floor reports admissible in court and expert witness in the event of legal action.